Acne Eliminator

A wash, scrub and mask all in one product! The Oxy® Acne Eliminator is a convenient 3-way use product that reduces and prevents pimples and blackheads. Appealing cucumber scent delivers an indulgent & enjoyable daily experience.

  • Use as a FACE WASH to unclog pores
  • Use as a SCRUB to exfoliate
  • Use as a MASK to mattify (to make skin less oily & shiny)

Oxy® Acne Eliminators exfoliating power comes from Jojoba Esters that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and contains no microplastics.

Quick Tip

Use as a wash to unclog pores: apply to wet face, massage and concentrate more in affected areas, rinse with water. Use as a scrub to exfoliate: apply to wet face and massage evenly, the combination of micro beads and salicylic acid helps speed up the exfoliation process. Use as a mask to mattify: apply to face, allow it to dry for 2 minutes, rinse off with water, reduce the look of oil on your skin.

Medicinal Ingredient

Salicylic Acid