Deep Pore Acne Vanishing Treatment

OXY®’s Deep Pore Acne Vanishing Treatment Lotion is clinically proven to kill acne bacteria in 24 hours. This Vanishing Treatment contains Microsphere Technology which absorbs oil, blends readily and diffuses light to give skin a smoother experience. OXY®’s unique bio-function complex reduces redness and is suitable for all skin types, while also containing moisturizing SymCalmin® to soothe and calm skin.

Quick Tip

Try Deep Pore Acne Vanishing Treatment with Cover-up to hide blemishes while healing.

Medicinal Ingredients

Benzoyl Peroxide

For your clear skin solution

Use OXY®’s Vanishing Treatment for the treatment of breakouts with excessive redness. Start by washing your face with Deep Pore Daily Facial Cleanser before applying Vanishing Treatment. Re-apply small dabs to affected areas if breakout persists or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.