Top 50 Android Interview Questions & Answers SDE I to SDE III

There are several popular libraries that you can talk about , but take the opportunity to explain the library you prefer or have used in the past with great success. Technical interviewers, including those at EPAM Anywhere, use their interview queries to assess your technical know-how and experience level. The evaluation is also your chance to demonstrate soft skills such as work ethic, problem-solving, and collaboration. App ID is used to identify one or more apps from a single development team. It is a two-part string with a period(.) separating Team ID and bundle IF search string. The bundle ID search string is supplied by the developer, while Apple supplies the Team ID.

Where applicable, questions have further reading section where you’d find links and references to more material related to them. When presented with this question in an interview, be sure to outline the common Android pattern categories and give some use cases.

How do you stay abreast of developments in the technology industry?

It features a graphical user interface that emulates a handheld, Android-driven environment, making it easier for developers to create, test, and debug their code. Android is a Linux-based, open-sourced operating system commonly found on mobile devices, such how to become a mobile developer as smartphones and tablets. It’s a kernel-based system that gives developers the flexibility to design and deploy simple and/or advanced apps. Applications developer work involves designing and writing source code for computer and mobile applications.

What are the key qualities and characteristics of a good mobile developer?

Creativity, ability in cross platform development, multiple language experience, being a team player and an excellent communicator are top qualities for a mobile app developer.

Expect this question either on Swift features, or as a bigger architectural and conceptual discussion question. Code reviews are a less-involved type of collaboration that achieves much of the same results as pair programming does. It also is an exercise in empathy where you’re giving feedback to others on their work. Scrolling performance is a big issue with UITableViews and quite often can be very hard to get right.

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A ResponderChain is a hierarchy of objects that have the chance of responding to the received events. If data is static and is not likely to change, it can be loaded in viewDidLoad and cached.

Is Alexa SEO tool?


The tool is developed by specialized web engineers who profoundly understand the ins and outs of web analytics and it is thus built to be distinctively reliable.

Things do not happen “automagically”, nor is working with raw NSDictionaries appropriate and maintainable. The Open/Closed Principle states that your modules should be open for extension but closed for modification.

What is Core Data? What’s the use?

Adapter is a design pattern that helps you, as the name suggests, adapt the interface of one object to the interface of another. This pattern is often used when you try to adapt third-party code that you can’t change to your code, or when you need to use something that has an inconvenient or incompatible API.

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Singleton objects are typically used to give your application configuration options or a global environment. Design patterns do not serve as guidelines for creating better software, as design patterns and best practices are totally unlike one another. Moreover, they aren’t intended to provide instructions on how to approach challenges. Rather, they merely serve as documentation of observed usual responses to typical engineering and architectural concepts. Common design patterns include Facade, Decorator, Factory Method, Singleton, etc. In essence, design patterns are repeatable code solutions that may be applied repeatedly to address typical software issues.

What are the four essential activity states?

You want regular meetings with your app development team – at Ascendle, we recommend a status review meeting every two weeks. More importantly, find out what to expect during those meetings. Our goal is to show our clients ACTUAL WORKING SOFTWARE during every update. So you’ll be looking forward to those meetings for all the right reasons, instead of the wrong ones. Here you’re listening for agile development, and a project management process like Scrum.