Volcanic Ash Acne Cleanser

OXY® Volcanic Ash Acne Cleanser is specially formulated to keep skin clear and free of acne and blackheads by deeply cleansing and purifying your skin. The formula unclogs pores and absorbs impurities to cleanse away dirt and oil. Containing the natural detoxifying volcanic ash (nature’s super sponge), activated charcoal and 2% salicylic acid to treat and help prevent breakouts, make OXY® Volcanic Ash Acne Cleanser part of your routine.

Quick Tip

Use lukewarm water whenever you wash your face, avoid hot water which can be drying.

Active Ingredient

  2% Salicylic Acid

For Your Simple Clear Skin Solution:

In a hurry? Cleanse and go! Massage into skin for 20-30 seconds, rinse and pat dry.

More time?

  1. Wash your face with OXY® Volcanic Ash Acne Cleanser morning and night.
  2. Follow-up with OXY® Volcanic Ash Acne Scrub, 2-3 times per week.
  3. Keep OXY® Emergency Acne Vanishing Treatment on hand for those times when you are experiencing excessive bumps or blemishes. #BreakoutMoments #ZitHappens

Always read and follow the label directions.

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